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Tricopter chassis v0.3

After a month-long hiatus after the crash, I redesigned the tricopter chassis. The aluminum arms are now foldable, and the motors are closer to the center of the chassis (I have yet to trim the arms to a shorter length). There is room for the new and bigger ESCs underneath the other electronics.

Removing a bad cell from a lithium-polymer battery

One of the cells in my lithium polymer battery rapidly started losing capacity a few days ago. I ordered two new batteries, but I needed power in the meantime. It was trivial to open up the battery and remove the faulty cell, since the other three cells were fine. The battery is now effectively a […]

More flight videos

Ever since I achieved stable flight, I have gone outside for flight testing almost every day for the past week. Check out some videos after the break.

Tricopter controlled flight!

Or, the best one-line bug fix ever. For two months, I had been thinking I was running my flight controller at 166 Hz while actually running it at a measly 31 Hz. I don’t want to go into detail about how that happened, but I have fixed the problem, and now it works. I am […]