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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

It’s been a little over a week since the extraction. Day-to-day report (warning: I may play some things up, but not much): Thursday, 12 February — Day of extraction My dentist had called in another doctor (whose gigantic physique reminded me of Kirby) who was supposed to “help” with the extraction but who actually ended […]


It was decided that I should have my teeth aligned a bit. My bottom teeth are fine, nearly perfect, but I do have a slightly misaligned upper molar. My upper lateral incisors aren’t in line with the rest of my teeth, either. So instead of braces, the dentist recommended that I get these transparent things […]

Wisdom teeth

I was at the dentist’s yesterday. It had been a few months since my bottom wisdom teeth started to erupt (I’m only 16!), and an X-ray showed that both were impacted—the left one diagonally, and the right nearly horizontally. I’m having them extracted on Feb. 12 (after the AMC). I’m not expecting much: (That’s not […]