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More flight videos

Ever since I achieved stable flight, I have gone outside for flight testing almost every day for the past week. Check out some videos after the break.

Finally, flight!

My tricopter flies! Of course, I mean that very loosely, that it was airborne. Tuning the controller so the craft is actually controllable, however, is a task yet unfinished. In hindsight, my gains were much too low for free flight. Ground effect was therefore much more pronounced, and it took me a few tries before […]

How to correct the correction vector for an IMU

In a previous post, I explained how to correct for gyro drift by using the accelerometer’s reading of the gravitational acceleration vector. But how do we know the measured gravitational vector is accurate? Unless I build my tricopter with utmost precision and proper materials (i.e., not scrap wood cut with a handsaw), it’s impossible to […]