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Reduce noise on Arduino 400 kHz I2C with external pull-up resistors

Yesterday I wrote about how sensitive the I2C bus was to noise induced by merely touching exposed leads with a finger.

Tricopter: Debugging

I spent three solid hours trying to figure out why I could no longer control my tricopter. I checked my code over and over again and even put in the 5V regulator in case the problem was caused by the 5.5V output of the ESCs with which the Seeeduino is powered. Then I tried running […]

Tricopter: Electronics

(Disclaimer: the photos are blurry because my cell phone camera can’t focus on anything closer than 3 feet.) This is the underside of my Seeeduino Mega protoshield that will hold most of my tricopter’s electronics together. I wired up my accelerometer (BMA180) and gyro (ITG-3200) a few days ago without too much trouble using their […]