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Food before final exams = evil.

I had my ethics and vector calculus final exams today from 18:00 to 19:10 and 20:00 to 21:30, respectively. The library is packed with students during finals week, so I studied in the robotics club room yesterday and today, fueled by Rockstar. The ethics final went okay, but I had a giant and expensive Qdoba […]

Ethics: the study of how we ought to live

The preface to The Moral of the Story: An Anthology of Ethics Through Literature by Singer and Singer begins: Ethics, or moral philosophy, is the study of how we ought to live. This sums up half of why I am taking PHL205, the other half being to complete my Bacc Core requirements as a freshman […]

Family outing to Ona Beach!

Ate stuff, caught fish (tried, anyway).

Solidworks: Even More Satisfaction!

In addition to the welding class, I took a CAD/drafting class at LBCC that taught how to use Solidworks. I 3D-printed myself a keyfob. There’s not much to say about Solidworks other than that I learned how to use the various tools within the program and just drew. The program itself is just a tool, […]

Satisfaction: I can weld! (MIG and stick, anyway)

I took some welding classes at Linn-Benton Community College a few weeks ago. I was most surprised by the fact that electricity is involved. I’d always thought that the metal was heated by a flame, but it’s actually heated by a massive arc between the welding metal (for lack of a better term) and the […]

Things to do

In short, I’m not dead. My job as co-captain of the team ended up being much more demanding than I presumed. I spent in excess of 600 hours during build season and several days away at two regionals. Add to that the stress caused by college letters, changes in majors, AP testing, and a relentlessly […]

Mr. X

Note the resemblance of ATRIAS to the ostrich. The long middle rectangle shows how the software works together. Models were created in SolidWorks by Jesse Grimes and converted and rendered in Blender 3D by me. Last Saturday, I participated in a 3-hour poster session about my summer internship experience with the running robot ATRIAS at […]

Why physics appeals to me

I really love space. Physics really takes one closer to space than does programming, which is why I considered myself a candidate for physics for most of the past year. Astrophysics; there’s an awesome field. It’s like the elegance of math played out by physics, the instrument. Haha, I’m trying and failing to be profound. […]

Math Club

My (regionally) high (they’re not high) AMC and AIME scores caught the attention of a group of students at Canadian Academy, where I took the tests. One of them contacted me a few weeks ago, and I’ve been joining them in their unofficial 3-hour meetings every Saturday since. Actually, I will probably not be going […]

Swimming Tips?

Pay attention to arms, hands, and fingertips. They lead. Try this with the butterfly. Bending at the knees a little can help with propulsion and efficiency. eh this is an old post that I obviously never finished but now that I am cleaning up, I don’t really want to delete. Posting anyway.