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Mr. X

Note the resemblance of ATRIAS to the ostrich. The long middle rectangle shows how the software works together. Models were created in SolidWorks by Jesse Grimes and converted and rendered in Blender 3D by me. Last Saturday, I participated in a 3-hour poster session about my summer internship experience with the running robot ATRIAS at […]

Be Free and Lose Control

This idea of being free and losing control has turned up repeatedly in the past few weeks, and I have been thinking more and more about it. It started with my reading of The Inner Game of Tennis, which discussed, among other things, the importance of freeing the natural, childish learning processes of my unconscious […]

Colemak, the superior alternative to QWERTY and Dvorak

Please read this page for a detailed description of why we need to start using a better keyboard layout than the one most of the U.S. population is using right now, one that has stuck around needlessly for more than a century. In short, the QWERTY keyboard layout was designed in the 1870s to slow […]