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Z4 power top lock fix (also my first 3D print!)

Belated post from July 6. The broken power top was the issue that led me to drain the battery and to watch as the car dumped half of its coolant onto the concrete. With some of the more critical fixes out of the way, I used this as an excuse to learn how to use […]

Z4 valve cover gasket replacement

Belated post from May 23. Replaced valve cover gasket to resolve a slow oil leak and mayonnaise under the oil cap. The more I work on this car, the simpler it seems. With the cylinder head so easily in view like this, even the infamous “blown head gasket” isn’t so menacing anymore.

Z4 DISA valve fix

Belated post from May 21. For a couple of months, I’d thought the gurgling noise emanating from somewhere under the dash was caused by air trapped in some fluid — coolant, maybe. It turned out to be a loose piece of plastic in the intake manifold.

Z4 startup RPM drop — bad ICV?

For the past few months, my engine has been occasionally nearly (but never actually) stalling immediately after ignition. When it happens, it never occurs more than once. The engine idles at around 600 RPM after the warm-up period, and throttle response seems normal. I thought this might be caused by a clogged idle control valve […]