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Math Club

My (regionally) high (they’re not high) AMC and AIME scores caught the attention of a group of students at Canadian Academy, where I took the tests. One of them contacted me a few weeks ago, and I’ve been joining them in their unofficial 3-hour meetings every Saturday since. Actually, I will probably not be going […]

2009 AIME I

The 2009 AIME I answers are posted here on AoPS. By my standards, I failed with 3 (or 4?) careless mistakes: Incorrect. Sloppy thinking! 964 is geometric as well, not just 931. Correct. Silly algebra. Correct. Silly algebra. :) Correct. Silly geometry. Correct. Silly geometry! Correct. Close call, but caught myself thinking 4^3 = 4^4. […]

2009 AMC 12 A

This was just not my year. I forgot to bring a watch to the test site (first time ever that this has happened). I found myself half-panicking, skipping several problems lest I miss a chance at an easy problem at the end. It didn’t work, of course. On #14, I chose C) 1/6 instead of […]