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Tricopter chassis v0.2!

Aluminum and delrin everywhere!

Solidworks model of new tricopter chassis, minus the legs and prop guards.

Solidworks model of new tricopter chassis, minus the legs and prop guards.

UPDATE 4/21/12: The chassis has been built.

Everything in this design should be hand-craftable. I plan on bolting on the two-piece, black delrin sleeves with double-sided tape against the aluminum arms to help them stay on via friction. This way, there is no need to drill carefully aligned holes in the aluminum round tubes, and I can easily change the rotor-to-rotor distance. The tail assembly is essentially the same as what I currently have.

Not included in the model are the legs and prop guards. I need legs that are fairly stiff but will yield under a large impulse so the arms do not break again. I also need the legs to not consist of pool noodles hanging like warts on what is otherwise a decent-looking chassis. This is not hard to design, but it is hard to come up with a design that can be made by hand and that does not make the artist in me cringe.

Also on the list of things to implement are prop guards, which is why I left a length of aluminum past each motor. Once again, I am finding it difficult to design something that is light, robust, and easy to build by hand.

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