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Upcoming events?

The FIRST Autodesk Oregon Regional happens next Thursday through Saturday. A few of our OSU Robotics Club members, including myself, will be going up Friday morning to show off our various subteams. Mars Rover will be there as usual, but I wonder if our Aerial team can get something flying by then? Earlier tonight, the […]

Tricopter yaw mechanism, revision 2

My old implementation of the tricopter’s tail rotor yaw mechanism was a hack job. The yaw mechanism is arguably one of the tricopter’s biggest weaknesses with regards to ease of control. Most implementations that can be found online involve some combination of a servo and one or two ball joint linkages. I had used a […]

Kiwi drive robot, resurrected!

Two years ago, I started building a three-wheeled, omnidirectional, “kiwi drive” robot as a school project. For various reasons, I put the project on hold, while things like chemistry and flying machines distracted me. The parts sat in a drawer, unforgotten but largely ignored. ..Until last Monday.

Finally, flight!

My tricopter flies! Of course, I mean that very loosely, that it was airborne. Tuning the controller so the craft is actually controllable, however, is a task yet unfinished. In hindsight, my gains were much too low for free flight. Ground effect was therefore much more pronounced, and it took me a few tries before […]