Design, Build, Test, Iterate

Food before final exams = evil.

I had my ethics and vector calculus final exams today from 18:00 to 19:10 and 20:00 to 21:30, respectively.

The library is packed with students during finals week, so I studied in the robotics club room yesterday and today, fueled by Rockstar. The ethics final went okay, but I had a giant and expensive Qdoba chicken fajita afterwards, which caused my brain to lose its blood supply to my stomach during the math final. This effected a major mental freeze-up (couldn’t remember how to do vector cross products—genius!) that only abated for a precious few minutes around the 9:10 mark. Once on a roll, I finished most of the test, at least enough to guarantee me an A.

My brain then promptly crashed for good as I walked back to the robotics club room. I sank into a chair and filed out some slightly crooked holes on my tricopter mount.

I forgot to instruct my hands to put my laptop power cable in my backpack for the ride home.

I biked home in the foggy darkness in a daze. My headlight batteries died in the cold.

I found myself in the shower.

Logging out.

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