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Tricopter not for indoor use (yet)

Last week, I tried flying the tricopter in a larger room across the hall to observe some realistic flight behavior. Unfortunately, at this stage, I’m forced to land the tricopter a second or two after takeoff because the stupid controller feels just fine flying the thing into walls and chair legs. I need to take […]

Tricopter single-axis PID control and integral windup

I changed how I set motor values (among other things) and invalidated my old PID gains. I figured out some new ones. Here’s a video of the current PID control behavior:

Food before final exams = evil.

I had my ethics and vector calculus final exams today from 18:00 to 19:10 and 20:00 to 21:30, respectively. The library is packed with students during finals week, so I studied in the robotics club room yesterday and today, fueled by Rockstar. The ethics final went okay, but I had a giant and expensive Qdoba […]

Tricopter: high heels and miscellaneous progress

I gave my tricopter high heels (i.e., landing gear) so it wouldn’t have to keep bouncing around on its battery, which probably isn’t a good thing to do:

Tricopter: single-axis test rig and some notes on balance

I thought it would be useful to have a way to test control of a single axis of the tricopter in a safely constrained manner, so I built a rig to do so: The rig is made of scrap aluminum I found in the room bolted to a cutting board that is clamped to the […]

Tricopter: working PD control

The I gain is zero for now, but basic attitude control works. In the video, I first change the attitude by slowly moving the joystick back and forth. At around 0:43, I move the joystick faster and let go to see how quickly the tricopter can stabilize. The P and D gains are a bit […]