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Ethics: the study of how we ought to live

The preface to The Moral of the Story: An Anthology of Ethics Through Literature by Singer and Singer begins: Ethics, or moral philosophy, is the study of how we ought to live. This sums up half of why I am taking PHL205, the other half being to complete my Bacc Core requirements as a freshman […]

Sawdust all over!

Since I spend basically all my time on my laptop, my physical possessions don’t get much attention. I organize the files on my computer obsessively, but the same can’t be said about how I manage loose sheets of paper (stacked in a pile) and books (stacked in piles around my room). At my mother’s suggestion, […]

How to pronounce onomatopoeia. And voilà.

I was on reddit and… Bruschetta Haute couture I had a pretty good laugh clicking through that guy’s channel that teaches how to (in)correctly pronounce words. On a related note, I wish people would stop writing “wallah” instead of “voilà”. It probably irks me the most out of all the misspellings out there. It’s pronounced […]

Lifelog 9/2/11 — table tennis, crayfish, Home Depot, 1000 lumens

Spent 30 minutes adjusting my front derailleur. It is now perfect, though the changing weather will probably force me to readjust soon. Fixed the clogged kitchen sink, getting fish water all over my pants. Remembered to unplug the 3/4 HP motor first. Took a power nap. Went over to a friend’s place to play table […]

Goodbye, MapMyRide. Hello, Ride With GPS.

MapMyRide is a pain to use. The interface is confusing, and the route editor has too many bugs to make sense. Reddit agrees. I’ve moved my logged routes to Ride With GPS instead. The two developers (Oregon residents!) have done a great job making things easy to navigate and keeping the system bug-free and reasonably […]

Today while biking…

I learned a few things. I biked this route. If a curve in the trail, especially a switchback, catches me unawares, braking and turning (instead of just squeezing the brakes in a panic) gives me more braking distance. Who knows, maybe I’ll actually make it out of the turn safely. I didn’t do this on […]

Suspended cell phone, OpenStreetMap, and stuff

I don’t think my phone service is worth the $45 or so it costs my family per month. $30 of that goes towards an unlimited data plan, but even that I can do without for now. So I’ve suspended my service. Besides, when people ask for my number, I give them my Google Voice number […]