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DIY PCB Etching: Overview and Production of Ferric Chloride

I liked the look of the LED-outlined propeller, so I decided I would etch my own PCBs to make it easier to light up all three propellers. I’ve spent the last week researching DIY PCB etching methods and doing some unsafe home electrochemistry that has left me with minor chemical burns in various spots all […]

Tricopter: Improving Propeller Visibility

Due to a lack of materials, I had used small pieces of duct tape on the tips of my propellers to increase their visibility. A friend made the point that white yellow (more visible than white) paint would work a lot better, but since I won’t have any for a while, I decided to see […]

Google Voice Search

Google now has a voice search function! Some of my results: “Google” – “google” “tricopter yaw control” – “fuddruckers optical” “Mark Zuckerberg” – “mark zuckerberg” “Vivaldi’s Four Seasons” – “the 44 seasons” “Vivaldi’s Four Seasons” – “valdez 4 seasons” Clearly pronouncing words separately seems to help a bit. Now they just need to have the […]

Tricopter: Wireless Communication With XBees

The short story: Lowered baudrate to 19200, and wireless communication works! The problems that take me the most time to solve have the dumbest, simplest solutions. Bah. A fascinating video of the tricopter turning on. Almost worthless since it’s not flying, but it’s the first video of the tricopter in a decently working state. I […]

Tricopter: Debugging

I spent three solid hours trying to figure out why I could no longer control my tricopter. I checked my code over and over again and even put in the 5V regulator in case the problem was caused by the 5.5V output of the ESCs with which the Seeeduino is powered. Then I tried running […]